Looking for a fun and different team building event?

Here at Jack Rose Libation House we take great pride in our hand-crafted cocktails, so we have developed a 1.5 hour long class where you and your friends can learn bartending basics and get hands-on! Ever wondered what the difference is between a Cobbler shaker and a Boston shaker? How about a shaken cocktail vs a stirred one? Learn all about bar tools and what each is used for! Are you a bourbon drinker? Let one of our bartenders give you an introduction to the different kinds of bourbon paired with a tasting of each! Finally, get a chance to make your very own Jack Rose cocktail and how to re-create one for yourself at home! We can also set up classes that are based on specific spirits - topics such as, "American Whiskey" and "For the Love of Gin" have been quite popular.

Note: We host private cocktail classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Email events@jackrosebar.com for details and pricing