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Where handcrafted cocktails and spirits shake hands.

Here at Jack Rose Libation House we take the utmost pride in what we serve to our customers. We strive to make sure that every detail is accounted for in the quality and presentation of our offerings. We relentlessly pursue the latest and greatest reiteration of the familiar while consistently trying to push the boundaries of what can be done with a cocktail.

Every syrup, spirit and garnish is carefully hand chosen with the greater goal of making the perfect cocktail. Most of our syrups are handmade, as we were unable to find existing products that is up to our standards. In an era where expedient is often valued to the detriment of quality, we like to take a step back and think different.


The Jack Rose is a social drink; popularized in the 1920's and frequently imbibed by some of our nation's greatest writers.

Enjoyed by the likes of Hemingway and locally by Steinbeck (who lived a mere half mile from where you are standing), we like to think that the writer, whether true or not, used to stroll down to the bar for a drink or two before going home to compose on his Hermes Baby typewriter.

The Jack Rose might damn well be one of the oldest drinks in the new world. Laird's Applejack Brandy has been distilled since the 1700's, and George Washington himself requested the recipe from Robert Laird to supply his revolutionary troops with sustenance and payment.

There are two rumors surrounding the genesis of the cocktail's name. One asserts that it is named after an infamous New York gangster, while the other claims that it was named after a special rose species called the Jacquemot rose. Either way, cheers, and we hope that you enjoy yours!



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The increasingly ubiquitous confluence of well-made cocktails, bar snacks, pizza and charcuterie is the modern era’s version of a neighborhood bar and grill — a user-friendly yet delicious gathering place where locals can come and have a drink and a snack, or a full meal.
Jack Rose Libation House features delicious, creative drinks with an emphasis on crafted cocktails. Try out one of the house classics, such as the Jack Rose or opt for an expertly made Moscow Mule to be enjoyed on the large outdoor patio.
— culture trip
Named after Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktail, and located just a few miles from where he penned some of his novels, Jack Rose is an awesome spot to enjoy Manhattans or a couple pints on an incredible, backyard beer garden. As Hemingway once wrote, “‘This is a good place,’ he said. ‘There’s a lot of liquor.’ I agreed.”
— thrillist